Saffron Packaging

There are four types of saffron; Negin , Sargol , Poushali and Bunch. We put these kinds of saffron in various aluminium packages. the packaging is one of the most factors to keep saffron pure.

Saffron Packages

The aluminum packages have many advantages for packing saffron in comparison to the other packagings.

It seals when we close the door and the air couldn’t enter the package. For this reason, we can keep it safe from dust, water, and harmful things and we can keep it for a long time.

Also, it’s easy to use because we don’t need to add saffron to our foods by tapping the packages or some other tools. we can easily pick up by hand.

Besides, you can use the aluminum package even after using saffron. It’s so beautiful to keep your valuable objects on it.
For more information, please have a look at the video. Thanks for watching!

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